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  • Hi ladies. Mummsy and Chrissie are at the playground behind the lake if anyone else is around. We'll be here until 11.45-12.00 but then we both have to go. Hope to see you!

  • Hi all! Hope you're looking forward to meeting up tomorrow? The weather forecast looks far better than it does today...!

    I don't think I can make it I'm afraid so let's agree that everyone will wear something (obviously) spotty if at all possible and to meet around 10:30 in the grassy area near the paddling pool.

    Please can you PM me your mobile numbers in case of any problems and I can pass on messages in case someone is completely lost or running very late. If one of you would like to volunteer to be the main contact, let me know!

    Have a fab meet up ladies - there is also a FB East Lancs group you can join if you want to after tomorrow :)

  • Wiliamsmummy 12-Aug-2014 20:25 Add message | Message poster

    I'll be there too with my 11 week old son....my first time so be gentle with me! ;-) x

  • ccmumof2 12-Aug-2014 20:23 Add message | Message poster

    I'll be there. This will ne my first meet up and I'm looking forward to it. My 2.5 year old will be at nursery but my 17 week old will be coming along. See you all there

  • Yay I can do the 22nd!!

    See you there with DS - age 2 1/2 :)


  • Me and Isabella will be there, it's our first meet up so I'm a bit nervous! X

  • Glad you can make it mummsy2be!

    I've found in the past that it's probably better to meet somewhere where people can arrive at different times in case there is traffic or parking problems. (And some people like to turn up 20 mins late to make sure others are already there, especially when joining a meet-up for the first time :) )

    So I think somewhere in the park itself would be a good idea. I've looked at the map of the park on the Lancs website http://www.burnley.gov.uk/sites/default/files/Thompson_park_map.pdf
    and somewhere on that grassy 'picnic area' near the paddling pool might work? Then it's near the play area?

    Or (squinting my eyes at google maps satellite view) are there picnic tables just above the play area if it's too wet to sit on the grass?

  • mummsy2be 12-Aug-2014 16:09 Add message | Message poster

    Hi, next Friday the 22nd is good for us ill bring my DD who is 1 now and Ds who is 5. We could meet at the top of the road of the queen vic pub which is 2 mins walk from the park? We could all wear something spotty? 10 or half past is finewithus x

  • maipop 12-Aug-2014 15:20 Add message | Message poster

    Hi, we won't be able to make it sorry, I'm working the last half of the week now :-) x

  • Right - Thompson Park on Friday 22nd looks like the best for most people who have responded so far. I'm not sure I can make it but I can still organise if not!

    It looks like morning is better for people. Would 10am-1pm be okay or 10:30am? Those who want to stay on for a picnic can obviously do so (please say if you'd like to do that).

    Loveleigh and the others who know this park, where is best to meet? If the weather is good there may be a fair few groups of mums and children so a flag or windmill or something might help identify the group :)

  • Loveleigh 11-Aug-2014 23:42 Add message | Message poster

    22nd is better for us but can probably do29th if not xx

  • Wiliamsmummy 11-Aug-2014 22:47 Add message | Message poster

    29th better for me but can do 22nd if not too late a day x

  • ccmumof2 11-Aug-2014 22:45 Add message | Message poster

    I can't do the 29th but okay for the 22nd.

  • Great - Burnley is looking good!

    Would people prefer Friday 22nd or the 29th?

  • I can do Burnley :)

  • ccmumof2 11-Aug-2014 21:01 Add message | Message poster

    Burnleys good for me too

  • Wiliamsmummy 11-Aug-2014 20:59 Add message | Message poster

    I can do burnley x

  • Artemis206 11-Aug-2014 19:47 Add message | Message poster

    Haven't been to Thompson park, sounds good though. Usually go to Townley, my eldest loves the sandpit there.

  • ccmumof2 07-Aug-2014 08:19 Add message | Message poster

    Hi, Thompson park is good and very near us. We are happy to travel to any of the suggested places though.

  • Loveleigh 07-Aug-2014 07:51 Add message | Message poster

    Either park is about 40 mins drive from me but can do any day. Thompson Park in Burnley is really nice it has paddling pool playground boating lake sandpit and very important toilets and ice cream shop. I guess it is too far this way for most of you? Xx

  • Wiliamsmummy 06-Aug-2014 23:16 Add message | Message poster

    Ribchester is good for me too. I'm pretty flexible on when / where x I've only got a squish so don't mind :-)

  • ccmumof2 06-Aug-2014 22:53 Add message | Message poster

    Hi, I can do Fridays for the next two weeks but after that I can only do Mondays or Tues, Thurs mornings.
    Hi artemis, I've been searching for new rossendale mum buddies as I've only just moved to rossendale.

  • Artemis206 06-Aug-2014 22:43 Add message | Message poster

    Fridays are the only day that I can't do unfortunately.

    Hi ccmumof2, I'm also in Rossendale.

  • Ribchester would definitely be the better option in my case as Worden Park is 44 miles away from me :)

    I'm away on holiday last Friday in August until the following Saturday, so can't do those two Fridays but ok for any others at this stage.

  • ccmumof2 06-Aug-2014 11:27 Add message | Message poster

    Hi everyone, I've just joined mumsnet and would love to be involved in the meet up. I've just moved to the rossendale area but happy to meet anywhere x

  • Well Fridays are looking good then... :)

    I've been to Worden Park before, it's in Leyland and has a fantastic play area for those who would be bringing older children (older than babies/toddlers!). Can most people get there or do we want something more east of our patch? https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Worden+Park/@53.8357604,-2.4746962,12z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x5938c8d41dc4ae83

    Ribchester has a little park with a decent play area if that's more in our direction? http://local.mumsnet.com/preston/parks-playgrounds/174715-ribchester-park

  • I can do Fridays too :)

  • Jennyb12 06-Aug-2014 10:40 Add message | Message poster

    I can do Fridays too :) x

  • I can do Fridays.
    :) x

  • Cannotbeused 06-Aug-2014 10:02 Add message | Message poster

    How about Worden park? I can't do next week as I am away but I can do any day the week after.

  • Wiliamsmummy 06-Aug-2014 09:49 Add message | Message poster

    Hi, I can do most days ...just need to get organised!

  • Wiliamsmummy 06-Aug-2014 09:49 Add message | Message poster

    Hi, I can do most days ...just need to get organised!

  • Hi - Loveleigh I didn't see this and all previous messages seem to have been wiped?!

    I hope you're all well and welcome to the new MNers in the area!

    Let's get a date in the diary during the summer holidays - and perhaps an outdoor meetup would be nice (weather permitting)?

    Can anyone suggest a nice park where older children can play and younger ones toddle around/laze on a rug and perhaps we can have a picnic?

    I'm working most of this summer holiday but if there is a day most people prefer, let me know. Fridays?

    Scribble x

  • Loveleigh 04-Jul-2014 09:46 Add message | Message poster

    Hello ladies,
    Thought I would say hi!
    We haven't made it to a meet up as yet, always something in the way :/ but would love to meet with you ladies. We now have access to the car and thanks to a new baby Poppy I will not be working for the forseeable future woohoo! So think we can be quite flexible to days and times. We live in Nelson but obviously can travel to wherever is local to most :)
    How about we add all the new people to the facebook group and get some conversations going?
    Hope you are all well,
    Leigh, Bella (2) and Poppy (2months)