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Group meet-ups in East Lancs are organised by Local Mumsnetter Volunteer ScribbleValley.

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  • Just to let you know, there's another great competition on at the moment on MN local to own tickets to a fab exhibitor thing in Blackpool:

    And don't forget to fill out my poll! [grin]

  • I'm temping Mon - Fri for the foreseeable so can't attend any meet ups unfortunately. Hoping this will change after June though.

  • Right, Mariana, I've never heard of this doodle thing but I hope I've created a poll with a few days selected at the end of April...

    Clicky HERE: http://doodle.com/irc7raz67f2igvbu

    (You may need to copy and paste into your address bar as I'm not sure if links automatically convert in the Local site.)

  • I work Fridays too. There's not going to be a day that will suit everybody though. Scribble, might it be worth doing a doodle poll to see which is the most popular day (plus if people only vote if they want to come then you can see if it's worth your valiant efforts arranging it!)

  • Sorry I can't do Fridays ....

  • longridgemum 08-Apr-2014 07:05 Add message | Message poster

    I can't do Fridays, only Weds I'm afraid..

  • Welcome to our new joiners!

    Right, I'm going to attempt a meet-up again. I wish I could do a poll on here to find out which day of the week would be best: Friday again?

    How about 2nd May? And if you can make that, where would be good for you?!

  • Hi - sorry it's taken me ages to reply, gearing up to going back to work. I can't do next Friday either, doesn't look like many people can. Maybe something after Easter would be better?

  • Hi all - not doing so well for the 28th then! :(

    Anyway, I wanted to bring your attention to this Lancashire competition http://local.mumsnet.com/Talk/local_lancashire/2003027-Win-Family-ticket-to-Peppa-Pig-s-Big-Splash-Tour-in-Manchester-Blackburn?msgid=45887243#45887243

    Win tickets to Peppa Pig's tour in Blackburn and Manchester! :D

  • Hi all - that's a shame maypop but hopefully the next one will be better for you.

    Can anyone else make it? :)

  • maipop 07-Mar-2014 22:29 Add message | Message poster

    Hi :-)
    I can't make that one unfortunately, but will hopefully be able to make the next one x

  • Hi all - spring is nearly sprung!

    So Fridays seemed to be good for a lot of people before. How about Friday 28th March?

    I won't be able to make it I'm afraid but hopefully there are enough of you now to recognise each other and keep an eye out for any newbies?

    It doesn't have to be in Clitheroe either - say where is good for you...!