Lancaster Meet-up

Group meet-ups in Lancaster are organised by Local Mumsnetter Volunteer DisplacedDiva.

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  • Szeli 17-Apr-2014 10:20 Add message | Message poster

    Whenever I'm not working the monster and I can put in an appearance. The zones free for under 1s? And I'm informed the coffees quite nice xx

  • OK, now the sun has made a brief appearance, who's up for a meetup???

  • Debjoanne 13-Feb-2014 23:57 Add message | Message poster

    I work an irregular shift pattern so for me it would just be a case of coming along if I can whether weekday or weekend. Maybe Williamson park for the outdoor space and the indoor shelter of the café if the weather turns. From what I remember when my son was younger, indoor play centres can sometimes be very noisy and difficult to hear each other !

  • Trying to find out when would be best for a meetup.... I've one vote for weekday and one for weekend. There are more than two of us though, so what does everyone else think?

    Lancaster or Morecambe? Where?

    Your choice.....