Back Room SAM (Support, Admin & Marketing)


Hello! My name is Sarah Thornton and I run a small yet lively Lancaster business called Back Room SAM. I provide a wide range of help to effectively support small businesses in a friendly and down-to-earth way.

Whether a business is looking for general assistance or specifically marketing support (my main area of expertise), I can help get your business all joined up and working at the highest level.

My main goal is to empower small business owners, by offering assistance on a flexible and cost-effective level.

Check out my website for more info. Take a look at myportfolioor readclient testimonials to see how I have helped others and what they say about my service!

I offer a free 1-hour consultation to all new clients, so please feel free to get in touch to arrange chat and brew to find out how I can best help you in the Back Room.

See you soon!
Sarah x

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