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Hypnobirthing Classes - The Bump Business


Helping you prepare for a positive birth where you are in control.

Hypnobirthing encourages you and your partner to think about how natural birth is and uses deep relaxation to remind you that your body is designed to give birth.

A hypnobirthing class will provide you and your partner with a toolbox for labour and birth and will help you let go of any fears you may have.

You will learn natural pain management tools and techniques, including natural ways to work with your body and you will discover ways that your partner can help you relax during labour.

You and your partner will also learn how to prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for the birth.

You will also receive a copy of The Calm Birth School book and five exclusive tracks - including a fear release track, a birth preparation track and a new mamas one for those precious first weeks.

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  • jojo1002

    03-Jan-2016 Report

    I was lucky enough to attend Caroline's natal hypnotherapy birthing course and it was the best thing I did whilst I was pregnant. As a first time mum I didn't no what to expect but It taught me alot I didn't know about birth and helped me forget all my fears, listening to the cds at home helped me sleep.
    I'd recommend to everyone who is pregnant! definitely worth attending and Caroline is amazing.

  • Nicola0778

    27-Dec-2015 Report

    5* A huge thank you to Caroline who helped me and my husband fully understand a birth experience that wasn't negative! This really helped my last few weeks of pregnancy and allowed me to become excited about the birth of my baby girl instead of fearing the worst. I cannot recommend enough! Thank u xx

  • Loobylou1982

    22-Dec-2015 Report

    5* Thank you Caroline for an amazing birth experience. Caroline gave me the power to have my 3rd and final birth epidural free, couldn't be happier, would highly recommend Caroline and her Natal Hypnotherapy course

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