Kids Yoga (ages 4-10 & 10-13)

Chapel Allerton/Moortown

Classes run during school term time only!
Ages 4-10 – 4.15pm – 5pm – Wednesday
Ages 10-13 – 4.15pm – 5pm – Monday

FUN is the overlying theme in any Starchild Yoga class. Basic yoga positions and breathing techniques are used to create stories (balloon breath, tree pose, bridge and frog etc), developing the child's imagination, coordination, physical strength and mental concentration.
Yoga Kula classes empower children allowing them to calm their minds, giving them tools to cope with their emotions, instilling a sense of self worth, confidence and making them aware of others.
4 - 10 year olds create their own superheroes within! Looking at qualities of character which is empowering fun!
10-13 year olds are usually more discerning and questioning, but they still want to have fun. The postures, relaxation and meditations are held for longer, yoga terminology is introduced and fantasy is encouraged, all within a nurturing and caring yogic environment.

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