Body Reshaping Programme


Want your body back post children but struggling with motivation/ideas
/time/childcare or all of the above? Inspire Me Personal Training offers 6 week body reshaping programmes during the week. Running from a private gym and grounds or from your home, the babies can stay with you. Some sessions come with baby sitting so you can focus! Through the programme you will:
- Learn about your posture, muscle weakness, imbalance and core strength.
- Tone through weights, boxing, fun cardio.
- Undertand how best to tone up each part of your body.
- Be measured before and after - SEE the results and FEEL them.

Classes tried and tested, North Leeds is full of testimonials, so give it a go:
Taster Session - Host free. Guests £4. Max 10 in a class. Then: 6 week body reshaper, £210 (again for up to 10 - so less than £4.50 a class!)

I am a mum of 2, so understand your challenges - let's do it!

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