Baby Signing with TinyTalk

Leicester Wide

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Tune into your baby with baby signing, we teach some basic signs each week along with singing lots of popular well known nursery rhymes and action songs with the use of props and puppets.
Each week a range of signs are taught that are important to your baby's world, you will go home with a reminder of what has been taught.
30 minutes is devoted to the structured lesson plan including a signed story every 3rd week helping your child with the love for books. Every week we end with instrument time also.
The next 30 minutes is social time you get to have a drink and a biscuit and your baby gets to have a play with some toys, this is your session also so if one week you would like a sensory week we can arrange that together etc.
In the social time you can ask me any questions also so come along and communicate with your child before they can talk using baby signing.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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