Partners In Pregnancy


My journey to a Doula started when I was a student Midwife. Years later I now have mums returning for their subsequent births.(references available on request, see website for immediate testimonials). I am also a FEDANT Antenatal Educator, and a hypnobirthing practitioner and am due to take my IBLC exam shortly, so should you wish to have the whole package you may. You may be wanting a homebirth in water, a breech, VBAC (or other "high risk") homebirth, induction, section or just planning on going with the flow - it doesn't matter I will fully support you and your partner in your choices, assisting you in any way I can. Postnataly I can cook, clean, help with childcare and provide a breastfeeding service - whether or not I have attended the birth. Please see my website for details of other services I can offer, from pregnancy to 24 months.

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