Roots Farm Shop


When you walk through the doors at Roots you can find a wide array local bread, meats, cheeses, ice cream, yoghurts, as well as our own grown potatoes and root vegetables and much, much more.
Meat: all of our meat is from Leicestershire, our butcher Steve farms and butchers less than 5 miles away, so you can't get fresher. .
Fresh Produce: if we don't grow the veg ourselves we carefully source it so we bring freshness to your plate.
Dairy and Bakery: our cheese and bread only travel from Melton and some of our homemade cakes closer than that! If you are in need of a special cheese board or cakes for special occasions, why not order with us and pick up when you are doing your shopping?

Frozen: ready made meals that taste better than homemade, frozen fruit for your morning smoothies, individual ice creams for spoiling yourself and don't forget dessert!

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