Bangla Lounge


Here at Bangla Lounge, it is our philosophy to make your visit and enjoyable experience.
The design and decor have been put together by our concept creators Siraj and Salim to give a rich and warm welcome feel with eastern hospitality. Our staff are friendly, cheerful and attractive.

It is the staff's aim to ensure that your visit will make a lasting impression.

The menu has been put together by our exclusive chef, Abdul Haque, one of the midlands renowned culinary specialists. He has extensive culinary knowledge in different cuisines ranging from Indian, Oriental, Thai, Arabian, Singaporian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi.

With this menu we have modernised Indian cuisine, taking it to the next level - yet still keeping it's authentic flavours - but approached in a contemporary fusion manner, with different accents from around the world added to our incredible curry dishes.

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