Antenatal Practical Care Workshops

Borough wide

A fun, PRACTICAL workshop exploring how to care for a newborn when you get home and hold them for the first time. <br /><br />We'll explore such areas as handling your baby, changing nappies, bathing, sleeping, feeding, calming, bonding and more.<br /><br />We support families in having a confident, empowered and enjoyable experience into parenthood. Whether you have a baby on the way or are unsure about how to handle something with your newborn, we can help.<br /><br />Our ethos is about CHOICE - we will never teach you one method and claim it is the &lsquo;best' - we know all families are different and so we will guide you through a few choices so you can work out what is right for you, for your family, your pregnancy and your baby. <br /><br />Local classes are now booking for April as well as the opportunity to have private workshops in the comfort of your own home. <br /><br />Contact me via email and quote MUMSNET for a 10% discount.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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