Drop-in. Workout.


Self-Practice fitness launching Wednesday 2 July.

First 4 Self-Pratice places are FREE! Get tickets at http://bit.ly/DropInWorkoutFree

Self-Practice is your Yoga, Pilates or Circuit Training.

Self-Practice is: "a highly personalised approach without the price tag attached to one-to-ones, and with all of the group energy of a conventional class. It is a wonderful way for beginners and advanced practitioners alike to develop a self-practice that you can then take anywhere." ~Geraldine Beirne, The Guardian.

Practising in this way gives you: * power to become your own teacher * space to focus * time to work at your own pace * value for money * progression in your regular class

Bring Your Own Mat (BYOM) or any other equipment that you may need for your workout.

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