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  • PhysicalTherapist

    14-Jul-2014 Report

    At Soft Tissue Expert our therapists use a large range of manual techniques on your body, it is a combination of massage and physiotherapy techniques. We can relieve basically any part of your body that is in pain, tight, that has been injured or simply been under stress, wear and tear. We tailor each session to you. Even if you would like a de-stress massage. We use the highest qualified sports and remedial therapists in the UK. They are highly professional, go above and beyond every time and provide a service that is excellent value for money. We will follow up with a personalised email full of tips, stretches and exercises for you to work on at home. During your first session you are offered a complementary postural analysis to asses your muscular and skeletal structure identifying strengths and weaknesses, this helps form a constructive session for the client.

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