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Pregnancy Yoga Class

Honor Oak Park

Mondays, 7.30-9pm

Classical and specially adapted yoga poses, breathing and visualisation practices (meditation) & sound work (Sanskrit mantras) for wellbeing throughout your pregnancy and for labour & birth preparation. There are so many benefits: increases energy levels, relieves tension and stress, relaxes body and mind, strengthens the bond between mum and baby, and keeps your body flexible and strong - helps alleviate common ailments such as backache, swollen feet, insomnia. Classes are suitable for women at any stage of pregnancy and for beginners.

We also offer:
general yoga classes for all levels
1-1 for yoga, meditation, Kundalini Kriya Yoga or Sound Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls
1-1 (or in groups of 2-8): Colon cleansing (one of the Hatha Yoga cleansing techniques).

Fully qualified and insured teacher.

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  • Iwonciella

    14-May-2015 Report

    Kamal is a fantastic yoga teacher. The positions she showed me during classes helped me to to stay feeling flexible and mobile throughout the pregnancy. The relaxation was a lovely chance to take time out and connect with my baby. I believe that breathing and relaxing techniques we practiced during classes contributed to a happy and calm labour. I highly recommend practising yoga with Kamal.

  • kamalyoga

    06-May-2015 Report

    “I tend to lead a very busy life and find it difficult to make time for myself. Attending Kamal's yoga classes during pregnancy has been very important to me. The classes have given me a regular opportunity to relax and to focus on the pregnancy and on my baby. I have learnt exercises and postures that have helped me to remain fit and healthy during pregnancy and that will give me some options for managing pain during labour. These have increased my bodily awareness and confidence in my ability to give birth naturally. The breathing techniques that Kamal teaches are excellent for relieving stress and tension both on a physical and emotional level and they have already helped me to stay calm during some difficult hospital appointments and I intend to use them during labour.”
    – Katie

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