Hither Green/Ladywell Meet-up

Group meet-ups in Hither Green/Ladywell are organised by Local Mumsnetter Volunteer glorious.

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  • Ceona 15-Apr-2014 19:37 Add message | Message poster

    We're away on the 25th, but hopefully I can make the next one.

  • UrbanFamily 11-Apr-2014 12:11 Add message | Message poster

    I was checking in to wonder if the meet was on today. Oops, time really does run away - sorry for not replying earlier. Yes, 25th sounds good.

  • glorious 11-Apr-2014 12:05 Add message | Message poster

    Lots of new members, welcome all! Sorry, time ran away with me a bit. What about the 25th?

  • Hi,new to the area, me and my 4 year old son would like to attend the next meet up, (hopefully weekend or in the holidays)

  • Nikkikki 04-Apr-2014 19:31 Add message | Message poster

    Hi there, I've just joined your group! I'm Nicola, I love in lee green and have a 10 week old baby boy called Stanley. I'd love to meet up with you ladies. Let me know when you're next getting together. Looking forward to meeting you. Xxx

  • Ceona 29-Mar-2014 23:03 Add message | Message poster

    I'm away next week so can't do the 4th, but I think the 11th is fine.

  • glorious 28-Mar-2014 11:00 Add message | Message poster

    Yes, it was great to see you all, and what a good number we had! Good idea about a park trip next time, Ladywell Fields or Mountsfield Park would both suit me.

    So what about next Friday (4th) or the one after (11th)? And where do people prefer?

  • Ceona 11-Mar-2014 20:26 Add message | Message poster

    I loved meeting everyone on Friday. Kids had a great time too. Now the weather is improving maybe a park for the next one? Ladywell Fields?

  • glorious 07-Mar-2014 12:04 Add message | Message poster

    Sorry will be 10 minutes late

  • LewishamLass 07-Mar-2014 11:14 Add message | Message poster

    Hi all, sorry for late message. Hoping to join you - once DD wakes up from unexpected nap!

  • glorious 07-Mar-2014 10:54 Add message | Message poster

    That's a shame, hopefully see you next time LocalEd.

    For those of you who don't know me I'm wearing black knee boots, grey cord skirt, stripy cardie. Toddler has light green cords and spotty top on.

  • Hi everyone!
    Sorry, I can't make the meet up today.
    Hope you all have a fab time!

  • glorious 06-Mar-2014 20:47 Add message | Message poster

    Yay glad you can make it Urban.

    Jessiclees that's no problem, the more the merrier.

  • Jessiclees 06-Mar-2014 20:32 Add message | Message poster

    I hope it's ok, but a friend from my NCT class is coming as well. She'll join this forum, but hasn't done so yet.

    See you tomorrow.

    Jess x

  • UrbanFamily 06-Mar-2014 19:09 Add message | Message poster

    Hi there, I did get the messages but I kept forgetting to reply here. Looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow!

  • glorious 03-Mar-2014 17:35 Add message | Message poster

    Ok great, glad you can make it ceona. And don't worry Jessiclees, we all know what it's like, just come when you can! I'll let you know what I'm wearing on the day but I've got short mousey hair and a one year old. Ceona and I have met before so we should find one another ok if we look out for a newborn :-)

  • Jessiclees 03-Mar-2014 10:18 Add message | Message poster

    See you there. I'll try to fit feeding in around it, not easy with a new born....!

    Jess x

  • Ceona 03-Mar-2014 09:02 Add message | Message poster

    I can make it! I am so rubbish at remembering to post to confirm, sorry! 12pm would be perfect as I can give my 3 year old lunch there.

  • glorious 03-Mar-2014 08:02 Add message | Message poster

    Ok well as two of us at least can make it let's go with this Friday. Jessiclees can we make it 12 actually as my DD has moved her nap! At The Station pub.

  • Jessiclees 22-Feb-2014 17:04 Add message | Message poster

    We've not got nap times sorted yet, so 1pm is fine with me, but understand others will. As I'm new to this, I'll go with the majority.

    Look forward to meeting you all


  • glorious 22-Feb-2014 15:28 Add message | Message poster

    Ooh a lovely newborn, how exciting! My daughter is one :o)

    I don't mind what time, perhaps around 1? That way people who want to have lunch out can do so but people who don't can eat at home. Or does that interfere with nap times for anyone?

  • Jessiclees 22-Feb-2014 15:19 Add message | Message poster

    Hi all,

    Thanks for the welcome

    Is that 7th March, what time? Sounds great to me, so hopefully I can join you. My daughter will be almost a month by then so hopefully things will have calmed down a bit!

    As I don't know what any of you look like, I have ginger hair and a red pram so hopefully easy to spot!

    Jess x

  • glorious 22-Feb-2014 14:57 Add message | Message poster

    Ok, well Ceona we said that this time we'd make sure you and Urban could make it so how about the 7th? We can try The Station.

    I can't do weekdays other than Friday any more as I'm back at work 4 days from next week (eek!). But if we can't find a Friday soon I'll bow out and those of you who can make it can go ahead without me.

    Welcome to Jessiclees too, hope you can join us.

  • Ceona 11-Feb-2014 21:59 Add message | Message poster

    I'm afraid I can't do the 28th anymore. Could do the following week, or another day that week. I think The Station would be a good venue for a meet up, nice and big.

  • glorious 24-Jan-2014 08:29 Add message | Message poster

    Great that'll liven up the end of my first week back at work! Let's do Hither Green this time, any suggestions? We've been to the Café of Good Hope or how about The Station pub?

  • Ceona 23-Jan-2014 23:57 Add message | Message poster

    I think 28th should be fine for me.

  • LewishamLass 23-Jan-2014 23:54 Add message | Message poster

    28th sounds good!

  • UrbanFamily 21-Jan-2014 12:43 Add message | Message poster

    21st is half term holiday and although we don't have anything planned just yet, 28th is probably safer date if we are to plan ahead..

  • glorious 19-Jan-2014 20:01 Add message | Message poster

    Thanks for a great meet up! Let's fix something for February. It seems Fridays are good so what about the 21st or 28th?

  • glorious 19-Jan-2014 20:01 Add message | Message poster

    Thanks for a great meet up! Let's fix something for February. It seems Fridays are good so what about the 21st or 28th?