Hither Green/Ladywell Meet-up

Group meet-ups in Hither Green/Ladywell are organised by Local Mumsnetter Volunteer glorious.

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  • glorious 25-Aug-2014 22:27 Add message | Message poster

    Hi all, and welcome to the new members. Sorry, I've been a bit rubbish in August as I've been working full-time temporarily, and have also been away. We're back on track for September, though. For those of you who are new (e.g. toto) the way it works is that we meet once a month normally but exactly when and where will vary so that different people get a chance to come. I'll generally post some thoughts on here, see what people say, and then firm up a date and time. You should get an email when anyone posts, and also when I set a date.

    For September, shall we do a Friday meet again? What about the 12th? We went to The Station for lunch a while back, which might work well again as there's lots of space, or how about Manor House Gardens and we can always retreat to the cafe / With Jam and Bread / the library if it's wet. What would everyone prefer?

  • toto86 25-Jul-2014 00:38 Add message | Message poster

    Hi all
    I would be happy to join this meet up, and meet new people, but I can't find where exactly and when, so please can anyone explain to me.....,it my first time I join A meet up.(online)
    Give me much info as u can if u don't mind?

    Thank u in advance

  • glorious 28-Jun-2014 12:35 Add message | Message poster

    Yes no problem. I'll pm you my mobile number then we can coordinate more easily.

  • glorious 28-Jun-2014 12:35 Add message | Message poster

    Yes no problem. I'll pm you my mobile number then we can coordinate more easily.

  • Ceona 28-Jun-2014 12:17 Add message | Message poster

    Think it might be about 1.15 that we could get there, is that ok? Youngest is having an epic nap.

  • Ceona 28-Jun-2014 11:50 Add message | Message poster

    That's fine with me.

  • glorious 28-Jun-2014 11:47 Add message | Message poster

    Think it's just us. How about ww meet at COGH at 1ish? We will probably have lunch first.

  • Ceona 28-Jun-2014 11:19 Add message | Message poster

    There is definitely a lot of rain out there. The roads on the way back were awash. I think even if it stops raining by 12 the ground is going to be very wet.

  • Ceona 28-Jun-2014 10:38 Add message | Message poster

    I'm in Greenwich Park at the minute finishing up run club and it is raining here. Do we want a plan b? Is anyone else coming other than glorious and me? Numbers would help with an alternative venue or we could reschedule?

  • Ceona 28-Jun-2014 08:45 Add message | Message poster

    Brilliant, see you there. Weather looks ok at the moment. Fingers crossed.

  • glorious 28-Jun-2014 07:40 Add message | Message poster

    Yep, we'll be there. Fingers crossed for the weather!

  • Ceona 28-Jun-2014 07:14 Add message | Message poster

    Are we still on for today?

  • glorious 22-Jun-2014 22:11 Add message | Message poster

    Ok, we'll go with that then. People can use the park cafe as well as bringing whatever to eat . fingers crossed for picnic weather!

  • Ceona 16-Jun-2014 22:11 Add message | Message poster

    28th works for me, and so does the location!

  • glorious 08-Jun-2014 21:53 Add message | Message poster

    Ok then, how about Saturday 28th at lunchtime (say 12ish?). As long as the weather's still ok shall we do a picnic in Mountsfield Park? It's the only one of the big local parks we haven't been to which is silly as two of us who often come live either side of it! If everyone just brings food they're happy eating that's probably simplest, though a few bits like crisps or fruit you don't mind sharing would be grand. Dads and non-mn friends welcome of course.