The Beautiful Octopus Club

Borough wide

disabled access

Join us for the Beautiful Octopus Club at the Southbank centre, a festival that features performers and DJs from across the learning disability scene and beyond. The festival returns to the Southbank Centre on Friday 4 September from 7pm-midnight. The night is FREE and open to all.

What's On

- DJ Soundclash with DJ crews from across London and the UK

- Fish Police frontman Dean Rodney's live music stage featuring Soccer 96and No Cars

- Allsorts cabaret stage with music, dance and comedy

- Live music from Lizzie Emeh and Kali and Alicia

PLUS! Soundlab, Ifeoma's Agozie Art Studio, Chill Out Zone, the Aldean Blair Multiverse and Pig Telling with Tilley and Del.

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