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Head Teacher: Mr Robert Staunton, M.A.(Hons) PGCE(Cambs) RSA CTEFLA EYPS<br />Chief Honorary Patron: Dr Miriam Stoppard MB MD MRCP DSc OBE<br /><br />Robert Staunton is Head of the Montessori School &amp; Tutorial Centre. He obtained his Social Science Masters degree from Edinburgh University. He went on to take his Post-Graduate Certificate in Education at Cambridge University. <br /><br />Staunton Tutorial Services:<br />11+ tuition &amp; intensive exam preparation for Grammar or Private School Entrance (also including the 9+, 10+ and 13+ exams)<br />Academic Profile Assessments with either verbal or written feedback to parents<br />Primary &amp; Secondary exam skills tutoring, academic optimisation and study support (Key Stage 1-4)<br />Development of general academic confidence and performance in Key Stage 1-4<br />Preparation for scholarship exams for private schools<br />Preparation for SATS exams<br />&lsquo;Get Ready 4 Grammar School' <br />English GCSE

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