Post Natal Depression Support Group


Counselling can help anyone who needs some emotional support and who is interested in learning more about themselves and their feelings.

Postnatal counselling can be helpful for:

Anxiety and postnatal depression.
Traumatic birth experience.
A previously difficult or traumatic birth.
Relationship difficulties.
Feelings evoked by motherhood.
Negative feelings towards your baby (or child).
Difficulties with specific parenting issues.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is suffering from postnatal depression and would like to find some support with like-minded women in a safe, friendly and confidential environment.

Places are limited to 10 people per group.

Group 1 : 5/09/14 to 10/10/14 10am-11am
Group 2 : 26/09/14 to 31/10/14 11.15am-12.15om
Group 3 : 24/10/14 to 28/11/14 10am-11am

To book contact or call or text 07960 121 504 before the 31st of August.

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