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Mr Chips of Louth Fish Restaurant


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https://www.facebook.com/MrChipsofLouth?ref=stream&amp;group_id=0<br />@MrChipslouth<br /><br />Mr Chips is an award-winning fish restaurant situated in Louth, famous the world over for excellent fish and chips.<br /><br />The restaurant, which is all on ground floor specialises in traditional English fish and chips. Our haddock and chips are deep-fried in top quality; high oleic Sunflower oil, your healthy choice which contains Omega 6 that plays an important role in managing our blood cholesterol levels.

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  • Notagymbunny

    24-Mar-2014 Report

    This was the chip shop of my childhood (Chips & scraps) & its still there. The classic chippy with lovely fresh fish and big fat chips. They probably still let you have scraps if you ask.

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