NEW nappy bin PLUS 6 cartridges (RRP £45)

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  • £20

  • 1-May-2014

'Angelcare' nappy bin PLUS 6 cartridges (each cartridge lasts approximately one month).
RRP for the bin and 6 cartridges is £45 - GRAB YOURSELF A BARGAIN!
The cartridges are brand new, unopened and still in original plastic wrapping. I no longer have the box for the nappy bin, this was opened but never used, it's sat in the bottom of my daughters wardrobe since I was pregnant.
Angelcare Nappy Disposal System uses a 7 layer airtight barrier bag to retain odours. Cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Each refill cassette lasts around 28 days.
· Suitable from birth to 3 years.
· Virtually odourless - 7 layer 99.9% airtight barrier bag.
· Each cassette seals up to 180 nappies.
· Easy to use with one hand and to dispose of.
· Environmentally friendly. Uses up to 5 x less plastic than the leading competitor and up to 10 x less plastic than nappy sacks.