Didsbury Village Bookshop


A fantastic second-hand book store at the back of The Art of Tea (nominated for the Best Coffee Bar/Tea Shop in this year's MF&D Awards). Literally crammed floor-to-ceiling with books of all descriptions and in the type of environment perfect for rummaging through old books, especially when you have a couple of hours spare.
(This bookshop is situated directly behind the Art of Tea alongside a Picture framing service.)
The perfect one stop shop for your creative needs and caffeine addled brains.
"Forget a few casually strewn Guardians; this place has the complete works of Plato, Shakespeare's sonnets, the literary porn of Anais Nin, plus thousands of other choices on the premises."

Manchester Confidential said: "The books are incredibly well-chosen with a beautiful spread of the antiquarian and the dog-eared. The owner must be the best buyer for miles".

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