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Situated in the heart of Altrincham, Y..McGREGOR prides itself on being a &ldquo;healthy food and juice caf&eacute;&rdquo;.<br /><br />Locally sourced, fair-trade, free range, organic, farm fresh, no processed foods, preservative &amp; additive free, nutritious, freshly made in our own kitchen.<br /><br />We offer a balanced wholesome and nutritional menu for both sit in and takeaway.<br /><br />All the smoothies and juices are freshly made to order only using quality fruit, no purees, concentrates or preservatives are included.<br /><br />We are open everyday 8am &ndash; 4pm.<br /><br />Y... Principles<br /><br />Whereever possible Y... McGregor follows 5 simple principles:<br /><br />Y... No Processed Foods<br /><br />Y... Nutrition<br /><br />Y... Locally Sourced<br /><br />Y... Homemade, Handmade<br /><br />To find out more read our full mission statement in the cafe.

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