Cafe Ark


  • Rifle rd, M332LX

  • 0161 969 6775

VEGETARIAN CAFEThere are as many tables outside Caf&eacute; Ark as inside, and when we visited, the double doors were open, letting in the low October sun. There was recycled art dangling from the ceiling, a singer-songwriter on the stereo, and books about allotment cooking on the window sills. Chorlton might be a four mile car journey away but it's very close by foot.<br /><br />The food is vegetarian, homemade, and good. They attempt to use organic, locally grown, fair trade ingredients and the breads and cookies are baked in the caf&eacute;. There's none of those factory-made flapjacks with a use-by date of sometime after the apocalypse. This place would feel fresh and healthy even without the wide open doors.

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