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Bright and Clean Manchester

City Centre

Bright and Clean Manchester M3 is a locally based cleaning service company. We have operated in this dynamic market sector now which has given us the experience and knowledge to perform exceptionally well on any job. Bright and Clean Manchester M3 specializes in all types of domestic cleaning. We can perform steam and deep cleaning of carpets, curtains, sofas or other fine fabrics and materials where the use of specialized cleaning systems is required.

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  • dyllwatt

    09-Mar-2015 Report

    They caught every detail of our home that needed to be cleaned - and more. They absolutely exceed expectations with their cheerful, professional attitude and outstanding attention to detail. I highly recommend them.

  • danyhooob

    06-Mar-2015 Report

    I have used Bright and Clean Manchester for many years . I have lots of dogs coming to my house every week as boarding them is my job and this company do a perfect job every time .

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