Annabel Doula

City wide

I cover Manchester, Salford, Stockport, Tameside and areas of North Cheshire and South Lancashire.

I am mother to a beautiful daughter, born in 2006. I had a doula when I gave birth to her who was an invaluable positive presence. We had a wonderful home birth with no medical intervention. Our doula was a massive support for my partner too.
After having become a mother later in life i'd already been around many parents who had made lots of different birth and parenting choices. I learnt a lot from them over the years, including attending a couple of friends births as their birth partner.
I'm not any particular religion, but I am spiritual and have studied lots from diferent traditions traditions, which inform my life a lot. But whatever i'd learnt before, i never grew and grounded into life as much as when i crossed the tracks to become a mother myself. Qualification on website

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