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Hypnotherapist Specializing in Children


Do you have concerns about your child that just don't seem to be going away?
Sally McHugh works with children from ages 8 to 17

Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective therapy that can help deal with many childhood issues
◾Bed wetting
◾Confidence/Self Esteem
◾Exam nerves
◾Eating issues
◾Learning capacity
◾Obsessive Thoughts and Actions
◾Sleep issues
◾Sports Confidence/Performance
Working at a deep unconscious level can often resolve things that a child has been struggling with in a relatively short period of time.

Before coming for their hypnotherapy session, I would always recommend that the parent talks to the child about coming to see Sally,and the child wants to get some help.
On booking an appointment Sally will take note of the parent's concerns and desired outcome of the child's presenting problem.
Sally is fully registered and insured

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  • SallyHypno

    28-Oct-2014 Report

    This review is from Sally's web site www.mindsolutions.co.uk
    Having struggled with a phobia of dogs for years, my 9 year old daughter asked for help to overcome her fear. I found Sally's website via MIND and saw that she had had success with a similar child. Sally was very welcoming and made us both feel at ease quickly. My daughter had three sessions with Sally. Whilst there has been a huge improvement with dogs on leads – she will now let them walk past her almost without noticing (previously she would cry and try to run away), and has even been stroking some dogs (previously unheard of!), my daughter is still afraid of dogs off leads, although there is improvement there too (the screaming has stopped) and I am hopeful that, given time, her confidence will build and she will learn to overcome this fear too. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sally as she has made a difference in three sessions, where we had failed for years. September 2014

  • SallyHypno

    28-Oct-2014 Report

    My youngest daughter has danced since the age of 4, but in the last couple of years she has really suffered with her nerves at competition.
    She works so hard at class attending 4 nights a week and we just didn't know where to go with this, I rang Sally and instantly felt she could help. We went to the initial consultation and I knew by the end of it she was going to help.We had a major competition within a month of seeing Sally, so she had a real challenge with my daughter and true to her word after only 3 sessions she was ready.We went to the competition and it was a different dancer on stage. This was the dancer who we saw dancing in class not the one we normally saw on stage, all the nerves were gone and a confident dancer was performing.Needless to say she went on to do really well and qualify for the world championships. She has since used the cd's that Sally did for her before any competitions and is going from strength to strength.
    Thanks very much Sally you really are a star. June 2014

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