On The 8th Day

City Centre

  • 111 Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 7DU

  • 0161 273 4878

Eighth Day has it all (except meat). The eatery downstairs is cosy and friendly and homely (and has wonderful cake, but no meat), and the 'general store' upstairs is jam packed with goodness, and smells a bit like my grandmothers pantry, which I love. The take-away style food is FABULOUS, and I always try something new, and I'm never disappointed. The staff are an ecclectic mix of wonderously lovely people, and are all a touch mental, which is great after a long day of rehearsal, they don't flinch an inch when one goes in and acts a little tapped. I often meat (see what I did there) people in there for coffee or to grab a bite, and can always rely on the quality of the grub.

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