A Sweet Thought


Well what's stopping you?!<br /><br />Step into our magical world of sweetness and give in to what your taste buds really desire! At 'A Sweet Thought' we provide all your favourite pick &amp; mix, traditional and retro sweets in a cocktail mix of Alice in Wonderland and Willy Wonka surroundings.<br /><br />At 'A Sweet Thought' you will find...<br /><br />Over 200 different sweets in the Pick and Mix! <br />Traditional Sweets in their classic jars <br />A weird and wonderful selection of Gourmet Jelly Belly Beans <br />A jaw-dropping retro stand to take you back to those tuck shop days! <br />Beautiful handmade chocolate with tantalizing toppings! <br />An exciting selection of mega lollies, from Bubblegum flavour to Lager &amp; Lime!<br />A fun range of sweet toys, perfect for party bags!

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