Fresco Freddo’s Gelateria

City Centre

Manchester is now home to an Italian Gelateria serving fresh, traditional and authentic gelato. Set in the heart of Manchester on 83 Oxford Street, the new venture will add an exquisite flavour to the city's vibrant food scene.
Customers will be treated to an explosion of 22 delightful gelato and sorbet flavours including the classic Stracciatella, a cream gelato with crunchy chocolate bits, the delectable Pistachio all the way from Sicily, and Freddo's exclusive Peanutella. Also, the health conscious will be able to indulge on an array of guilt free sorbets such as the popular Noir Chocolate and Limone flavours.
Fresco Freddo's Gelateria will also be treating customers to hot desserts including crepes and waffles to go with Naples signature coffee; Kimbo. Unlike Ice-cream, Gelato is low in fat, has no artificial flavouring and is made with milk not butter cream.

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