Longsight Market Chaand Raat


Since 2002, Longsight Market has organised a huge celebration of Chand Raat, which has grown to become the biggest in Europe. Literally translated from Hindi and Urdu as the Night of the Moon, Chand Raat is the equivalent of Christmas Eve for south Asians.

Held to celebrate the eve of the Muslim festival of Eid-ul Fitr, the last day of the fasting period of Ramadan - which also falls on a full moon - the day is a time of celebration for Hindus and Muslims alike.

Stalls are packed with traders, and the streets are crowded with revellers. Women decorate their hands with henna, and everyone dresses up in their best and most colourful outfits. Asian food and special sweets are prepared and sold and the last round of shopping is done before the feasting of Eid.

A variety of performance artists provide the entertainment, including; music, song and dance.

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