South City Music


In 2012 two mates from Manchester got into a conversation about Music Shops, how great Independent shops in Manchester were and how we would spend hours hanging around just checking out interesting gear, seeing other musicians, spotting heros and just feeling part of something special. The conversation led to and idea. How could we re create the old school Music shop but put a modern slant on it but still maintain the vibe? The idea became a concept and the concept became reality in August 2012. we cater for all levels. We sell guitars, bass, amplification, violins, ukuleles, brass, woodwind, percussion, sheet music and accessories from a range of top brands such as Fender, Squier, Takamine, Gretsch, Westfield, Epiphone, Burns, Ashdown and Stagg. We also appraise instruments as well as buy and part exchange them.

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