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Kiddi Days day nursery stands for educational specialists, wholehearted commitment and comprehensive child care. Increasing demands are being made on child care facilities, since all parents want the very best for their children, right from their very first learning experiences. In addition, there is now a marked trend towards intellectual education for children, but still children also need to play, move, get enough exercise and discover their own bodies.

Our day nursery achieves all these objectives by offering space for moving around in our specially designed purpose built garden, various facilities for creative activity and exploration within our newly developed sensory room.

Our aim is to support each child through his or her own development. Our staff give their heart, your child will benefit from our staff's experience and educational training.

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  • kjonesstar

    19-May-2014 Report

    Best daycare and Pre-School

    I have been completely happy at this nursery. The staff are the best. Everything is organised, clean and I love the fact that the staff and the management make a great team. I will recommend Kiddi Days to all parents without a doubt.

  • zjan40

    19-May-2014 Report

    A Very Happy Place....

    Like any parent, I was very nervous choosing the right childcare for my daughter when I went back to work.

    Kiddi Days had been recommended to me by a number of people and had the added bonus of having longer opening times than many other nurseries - 7.30am-6.00pm.

    My daughter has been there almost a year and has grown into a lively, confident, lovely little girl and I have no doubt that the care she receives at nursery has played a large part in this.

    All Kiddi Days Nurseries are so cool looking, I love all the art and decorations! – They try to make it feel special and stimulating for the kids.

  • elizzz

    12-Jan-2014 Report

    It is a fantastic nursery who aims to provide the highest possible care for each child who attends . They provide a healthy, stimulating environment. They focus there play around what the children's individual interests are and focus on their needs.

    The staff are all really helpful, kind and loving people are will take good care for your children and educate them to the best of their ability. I have had a personal insight into the nursery surroundings as I worked here for few years and I would say I was impressed with the hard work and dedication the staff put into the care and learning of the children.

    Read the review below to find out ......... how some parents are trying to bring disrepute to this fantastic nursery..........

    I have worked with Kiddi Days team and can verify that all staff/management/owners are lovely people.

    (review from estarmum1 on 22/12/2013)



  • estarmum

    22-Dec-2013 Report

    I am an existing parent at Kiddi Days' new Claremont Road site. My child was also there when this site was with the previous provider. Kiddi Days is definately a childcare provider who have adhered to very high childcare standards sine September, when they took over this site. Kiddi Days management team have always behaved in a very dignified and professional manner contrary to some parents and staff who were always using cheap tactics to bring Kiddi Days into disrepute.

    There were about 8 parents, who were constantly making untrue and inaccurate comments about Kiddi Days to make their life difficult. This was done only to show the City Council, what power parents can have if they are not involved in the decision making!

    We were not given any notice by the previous provider about the take over of this site by Kiddi Days. Kiddi Days did not increase any fees at all and all parents were charged the same amount as before. Kiddi Days have never made any incorrect claims and always kept us informed of any changes, via newletters, responses to our emails, meeting etc. We were always consulted by the wonderful manager, whom I feel had alot of grief imposed on her by these particular parents.

    Kiddi Days management team were always accomodating, in respect of extra days, change over of sessions etc and did so with me giving very little notice. I am aware that some of these parents also made an issue out of this which again is untrue as my invoices were changed on at least 3 occasions, due to my own sessional changes and request, and Kiddi Days was very prompt and efficient in doing so.

    The previous providers' staff remained the same and were kept on the same contracts, I hasten to add, were never perfect previously! There were occasions where I wasn't happy with the childcare and I had issues with the provider, bringing it up with the previous manager, however there was not another local nursery I could turn too. Staff were never fully qualified, there were always unqualified, young inexperienced staff as well as staff with only a level 2 qualification. If after the take over, incompetence arose, surely this is due to the same staff and of no fault of Kiddi Days??

    Of the parents who have now left, I am aware that some of them went to the extent of actually standing outside Kiddi Days Claremont, hindering prospective parents from entering!!!!. I feel so bad of the way they have all behaved especially as now I have found out that Kiddi Days management were always aware of what was going on all the time.

    The unloyal staff, often tried telling me and other parents things that any sane parent would realise was fabricated. I do not understand why they behaved in such a way as I know that Kiddi Days treated their staff very well. It should have been this very staff who helped ease the new provider into a smooth transition as it is this staff who had looked after these very same children.

    About 8 or 9 parents decided to leave together on 31/10/2013 to a new local nursery run by the old Claremont provider.That same provider also took all but 3 of their old staff, what I feel was dirty tactics, as this coaxed the parents into removing their children from Kiddi Days. Never was any consideration given to the numerous children who remained with Kiddi Days, who had lost their keyworker staff. I feel special treatment was given to this small handful of troublesome parents by the City Council and the old provider. I am also aware that Kiddi Days helped to settle those children into the new nursery by sending their staff, who were leaving, over for transitions. This is unheard of. Kiddi Days willingly sent their staff to settle these children, knowing full well that they would be losing business. The staff were also paid by Kiddi Days to do this kind, caring and I feel honourable deed! To date, these very same staff or the old provider have never asked about my child or those they deserted. My child was also never supported by the old staff when new staff came in.

    I had already decided that I wasn't going anywhere, as I was very pleased with the transfer and the new provider. There seemed little point in being stuck with the old provider and their incompetent staff. Since their departure from Claremont, I have met a number of these staff who now feel they have made a wrong decision and should have stayed with Kiddi Days. I agree, but I am so glad they have gone.

    I am now sure that I have definitely made the right decision as my child is very happy and settled, especially since new staff have been put in place and these troublesome parents have now left. I can see Kiddi Days Claremont going from strength to strength and I wish them all the best of luck. All staff is now at least level 3 and very competent, being led by a much relaxed manager!

  • Manchestermum1993

    31-Oct-2013 Report

    I had the misfortune of using Kiddi Days' "services" at Claremont Road (this branch is not yet listed here) when the previous provider was ousted by the council and replaced by Kiddi Days. We managed to last just 7 weeks with them and, had the absolutely superb staff of the previous provider not remained as employees of Kiddi Days when the contract changed hands (they have since nearly all left), I would have removed my daughter immediately.

    The management is appalling, dishonest (we were repeatedly told that staff who had actually left were "on holiday") and deceiving (we were told there would "be no fee increase" but at the same time that we were to be charged for an extra week per year), the equipment provided was minimal the administration is ridiculous (they issued nearly all parents with incorrect invoices, in many cases two, three or even four times), the children were fed ASDA Smartprice ready food until parents found out what was being provided and complained (even then it took quite some time to get heard),and management only seemed interested in children and parents when money was the issue.

    The last OFSTED report for Kiddi Days' Whalley Road setting, from September 2013, rated them "satisfactory" (from November this will be redesignated "requires improvement") in all areas. http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/inspection-reports/find-inspection-report/provider/CARE/EY307331. Even this rating for Kiddi Days as an organisation seems generous to me. (Do not be fooled by their website, which states (as at 31st October 2013) that OFSTED rates them "Good in all Areas"; I raised this discrepancy in writing to senior management of the organisation on 8th October, and the email was acknowledged but they have chosen not to correct the information.)

    I would never recommend this provider to anyone, whether paying customer or a parent using their free entitlement. Now that nearly all of the dedicated and genuinely caring staff trained by the previous provider have left, Kiddi Days have absolutely nothing to recommend them. Even if you don't believe me, hopefully, for the sake of your child/ children, the OFSTED report should be enough to convince you to look elsewhere.

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