Oddest Bar

Chorlton cum Hardy

Remember that time you were talking about going to a place where there was a wall of cassettes, a flying woman, Turkish lights, an exhibition wall full of local and international artists, a giant birdcage and an ace jukebox but it didn’t exist yet?
Remember? Well, good news, it’s now a real place and not just some fever dream.
The youngest of the Odd bars, Oddest - the one that's in Chorlton - is the oddest one yet!
Oddest builds on the worldly weird décor of its older sisters, Odd and Odder, with an eclectic yet relaxing environment which welcomes all people from all walks of life.
Oddest lives on Wilbraham Road, opposite Kingbee records, who also kit out the awesome (and free) jukebox to create a fab atmosphere both day and night.

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