Cloud 23

City Centre

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Cloud 23 is more than just a bar, it is a unique and memorable venue located at the highest point in Manchester.

Experience the feeling of almost being able to touch the clouds as you look out at the panoramic views of Manchester's ever changing city scape and lose yourself in decadent luxury designed to appeal to all the senses.

Visit our exclusive zones named after the Gods of Ancient Greece seated in their lofty position in the heavens. Apollo 23, God of music, light and the Sun. Zeus 23, King of the Gods, god of Sky symbolised by the thunderbolt. Iris 23, Greek Goddess of the rainbow and messenger to the Gods. Eros 23, God of Love and one of the fundamental causes in the formation of the World.

Dress Code - Smart/Stylish. Strictly NO sportswear, trainers or headgear.

Please note, children under 18 are allowed between the hours of 11am and 5pm.

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