63 Degrees

City Centre

A taste of Paris brought to you by the Moreau family

In the Moreau family, we've always had a very French love of good food and sharing it with guests and friends. So it was both a big adventure and a great pleasure for us when we decided to open 63° and bring a taste of Paris, our home town, to Manchester.

63° is a friendly and intimate family run restaurant, where the food we cook is our personal expression of modern French cuisine, based on the very best, locally sourced, fresh ingredients, and where you can share new taste experiences and enjoy fine dining without formality.

People often ask about our name. As you may know, 63° is the perfect temperature for serving coffee. It's also ideal for a speciality of ours, which is cooking poultry low and slow to create tender and incomparable tastes. So, to us, 63° represents the love and care we put into all of our cooking.

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