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Lu-Ma Cafe


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Lu-Ma offers a delicious selection of nutritious food, drinks and snacks to either take away or eat in at our cosy café on Worple Road in Wimbledon.

Our menu is completely dairy and sugar-free with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

We are passionate about creating a place where people can eat tasty, nutritious, real, healthy food that nourishes the whole of the body. Our food does not deprive or starve and is not restrictive We create some of the most common dishes from sandwiches to brownies and even cheesecake from Mother Nature's ingredients.

Our aim is to nourish, educate and feed people whilst having maximum respect and consideration for the environment and our fellow inhabitants of Earth. Lu-Ma uses organic, locally sourced and seasonal produce wherever possible. We only work with suppliers who share our vision of ethical, fair trade and eco-friendly business.

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  • LocalEditorMerton

    27-Feb-2016 Report

    I haven't been back to Lu-Ma since I attended the opening event there almost two years ago to the day. I was delighted to see that it's become a thriving local meet and eat venue, particularly for women of all ages.

    We went for lunch and were lucky to get a table (indoors or outside in the sunny patio area), as the restaurant/cafe was buzzing with activity. Not sure whether you can pre-book but worth checking to avoid disappointment.

    The food choices were as healthy and delicious as ever, and a big thumbs up to the gluten-free pecan pie which gave a suitably punchy sweet hit to conclude our lunch there! There are daily specials too for those who know the menu well.

    Staff as cheery and friendly as the environment in which they work.

    Great to see a local mum and daughter business thriving. Congratulations, Maria and Lucy!

  • Willemdefoeismine

    11-Mar-2014 Report

    A bright, sunny and airy cafe full of positive vibes. The food was fantastic and the staff live by their cafe's mantra too. I shall be frequenting it a lot more as the weather gets warmer :-). Ideal for a catch-up with your friends after shopping in Ely's or doing a Mums 'n' Tots activity in the library or elsewhere locally.

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