Funky Moves Dance Parties

Merton wide

Funky Moves offers a range of fantastic and fun dance parties! We aim to create the perfect entertainment for each special occasion by customising the party to your requirements, whilst maintaining the Funky Moves flair and energy at every event. With your requirements and our skill and imagination, we will make sure that the party is perfect for your child. Whatever your budget. Whatever your wishes.

Funky party options include 'The Original', 'Luxury Bespoke' and 'Off-Peak'.

We burn up all of the kids energy, leaving them calm and happy to relax for the rest of the day!

All parties have a funky flavour which is totally unique to Funky Moves!

Funky Moves parties aren't just for girls, they are great for boys too. Dancing is super cool for everyone!

Come and party with Funky Moves - you won't be disappointed!

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