The Gorringe Park

Tooting Borders

Boutique artisan popcorn, saved cinema seats (the fab old ones), giant bean bags, a three piece suite, huge leg room, surround sound, high definition cinema projection, special cinema dinner trays, “some like it tots” - mums (and dads) cinema club, home baked cookies, popping candy, it has to be one of the funkiest little cinema rooms in London!

The cinema is open everyday showing classics, cult films, kiddie films, rugby & major televised events. We open it for matinee morning & afternoon screenings & an evening movie. The cinema is free, open to all & available for private bookings. Cinema screenings 1pm, 3pm & 8pm daily.

We also use it for screenings with our Ssshh supper club where we create the food to the theme of the movie.

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