Fit8 Club

Wimbledon Village

The fit8 system builds on all that was good in the traditional gym, combined with personal training. The fit8 system takes it to a powerful level that incorporates science, equipment and relationships, to get the best results for each member.

The fit8 team is a powerhouse of fitness experts who are qualified and passionate with their own physical and fitness accomplishments. Not only do they have your goals and success driving them, they are likeable, passionate and extremely personable.

Follow the unique Fit8 phased system we guarantee that you will maximise your calorific burn at rest, aerobic capacity, daily functional movement and feel good factor!

Fitclub at fit8 is the smarter way to develop your fitness. Its fitness methodology is full of variety, challenge and focus, and you will only ever share with a maximum of 6 members at a time.

YOUR fitness goals are OUR challenge.

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