Absolute Abode Emporium

Raynes Park

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Kirsty's aim is to continue the process of creating ‘Raynes Park Village', a place that people naturally migrate towards, just like the square in a traditional French town.

Absolute Abode achieves this by providing a new and unique retail format concept that fuses the contemporary warmth of a luxury café with the sophistication of a design store and the inspiration of a retail emporium.

It is a complementary, holistic vision that carefully curates unique pieces from new British designers and established brands.

It provides a bespoke design consultancy service too.

The perfect place to meet and relax in the cafe!

'Thursday Night Lates' continue in 2015, starting on 8/1/15. Throughout the year there will be Thursday soirees (6 pm - 9 pm), so make a date in your diary!

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