Mums and Babies Fitness Class

Merton Park

These classes are not only about a good workout but also educate mums on exercise that they can incorporate into their daily routine with baby. It's about getting mums to break through the myth that they can't get fit because they are with baby all the time! The classes are motivational, fun, energetic and a great way to socialise with other mums, share experiences and make friends!

Each week there are a range of pilates based routines focusing on abdominal strengthening exercises, upper and lower body conditioning (with or without baby) burning fat, toning up and improving core strength. An easy to follow but intense routine you can take home and do in your own time to see results quickly, particuarly if you are able to do 2 classes each week.

Please note that these classes are suitable for Mums who have had their postnatal check and for babies who are not yet crawling!

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