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The Gorringe Park Pub

Tooting Borders

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This is fast becoming one of THE favourite local haunts for those in the know, particularly for parents looking to chill with their children. Good food, good ale, local art-and-craft events (aimed at grown-ups currently), a cinema with children's film shows during the holidays and at weekends and regular Mums 'n' Bubs afternoon meet-ups all make this an ideal venue especially on rainy days!

Boutique artisan popcorn, saved cinema seats (the fab old ones), giant bean bags, a three piece suite, huge leg room, surround sound, high definition cinema projection, special cinema dinner trays, “some like it tots” - mums (and dads) cinema club, home baked cookies, popping candy, it has to be one of the funkiest little cinema rooms in London!

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  • HaydonWomble

    23-Mar-2014 Report

    This is fast becoming the pub to visit in this part of London - and its reputation is spreading across Wandsworth and Merton

    The free cinema viewings for children make it a particularly appealing venue for parents needing to chill at the weekends....

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