By The Horns Micro-Brewery


Our ales are brewed in small batches, with more care and attention than your mums Sunday roast! They are brewed using the best malted barley and tastiest hops. We use traditional brewing methods with open top fermenters, meaning that our beers are fully cared for from the moment our malt hits the mash tun, to our fresh beer hitting your glass.

Yes, our company stands true to its name: passion, confronting the ‘norm', standing out from the crowd and fighting for what is right. We believe in confronting tasteless beer and strive to brew, drink & enjoy beer that is far superior in taste, flavour, mouth-feel, aroma and appearance.

Come and visit our very own Brewery Tap, serving all of our beers fresh from the brewery. We have 3 cask hand pumps, and 6 keg taps; as well as offering our full selection of bottles.

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