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Thomasina Miers' award winning Mexican street food and tequila bar has arrived in SW19!

We try to balance healthy eating with hearty eating. As in Mexico, our gluten-free corn tortillas are full of essential minerals, our black beans are full of complex carbohydrates and protein and our salsas are packed with all the vitamins that chillies and fresh fruit naturally bring you. Where we have to buy from Mexico we constantly try to source direct from cooperatives which support local farming communities. We source our tequilas and mescals from small family-run businesses that make the best product we can buy.

We have an honest approach to our food and a shared love of eating it – we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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  • LocalEditorMerton

    26-May-2014 Report

    We missed out on its 'soft launch' in late April but were invited along to review the Wimbledon Wahaca a month down the line. Having seen Thomasina Miers win Masterchef some years ago, we have followed her career with interest and curiosity. For us, the appeal of Wahaca on paper has always been in its honest, fresh but fiery approach to producing Mexican street-food! Moreover, as a family with more than a passing interest in sustainable living, food and lifestyle-wise, we've always had a sneaking admiration for the principles that Thomasina espouses.

    Wahaca Wimbledon's central location (in the Piazza and next to the Odeon), ideally positions it to appeal to families out and about locally, with outdoor seating (which those with buggies and/or wheelchairs may find convenient) particularly appealing during the summer months. Its vibrant, colourful exterior, in keeping with its Mexican identity, is at once energising and inviting!

    We were welcomed with smooth but laid-back service and offered a choice of two seating options (possible in late afternoon when we visited, but not necessarily at a busy time of the day). Wahaca offers a children's menu (a very reasonable £5) alongside the main one, but there was no sense that the younger members of the party would be short-changed in terms of taste or authenticity. Just as it should be! Some of the options on the main menu put me in mind of Mexican ‘tapas' (or maybe they should be called ‘mezclas'?), with dishes to suit all tastes, appetites and wallets! A Mexican ‘mix and match' with no restrictions on what or wasn't possible. For those with wheat allergies the news that many of the foods are gluten-free is most welcome too!

    Wahaca's vibe was ambient but without being in the least obtrusive. The music was authentic but not over-loud. Mel, the manager, provided a confident, competent, charming and yet commanding leadership and maître d' role – the children loved hearing about the recycled glassware and re-using the empty Tequila bottles for water jugs!

    We started with a chunky guacamole and tortilla chips which were fresh and flavoursome and enjoyed by all. The children had a chicken burrito, a chipotle chicken quesadilla and ‘green rice' with a ‘hint of coriander' (a family joke!) which were tasty and packed a punch with flavour without being overly spicy hot (extra fieriness could be added from the Wahaca table sauces available). We had the Wahaca Selection (a form of ‘tasting menu' suitable for late afternoon eating) which offered variety and a good mix of spicy meat and veggie tortilla-based ‘flats' and fresh tasting salads. We were intrigued by the refreshing sounding Agua Frescas (including horchata, a nut-milk drink last tasted in Barcelona, and the refreshing sounding Citrus Fizz) but opted (more conservatively) for water and coke for the children and a Modelo Especial and Wahaca Tinto (slightly surprised not to see any South American reds on the menu!) for us. We found the food delicious and more-ish but without being over-filling. All the food was incredibly competitively priced, adding to its family-friendly appeal. A visit to a Mexican restaurant wouldn't be complete without churros y chocolate which we had no trouble in persuading the children to try. The use of dark chocolate gave a more sophisticated taste than I would have expected the children to enjoy, but seemed only to enhance their enjoyment! The mango sorbet was a deliciously ‘cleansing' end to a very enjoyable meal for the children and a tequila chaser enjoyed by the adults in the party!

    Wahaca Wimbledon provides a happy eating experience where we can enjoy the simple things of life – food, family and friends - in a leisurely manner. It is a welcome family-friendly addition to Merton's restaurant-fold, providing healthy, fresh, nutritious and flexible eating at a reasonable price. Moreover, there is also a strong sense that it will add something extra to Merton life, with a Mexican Film Fiesta already planned for 29th June and a Parents & Baby Spanish Group in the pipeline too! Mumsnet Merton for one is watching with interest!

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