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The word Lahore and food are perfectly matched and have become something of a culture blending the delights from desi (native) cuisine with western gastronomy. For Lahoris eating out is the favourite pastime and food is considered a celebration. You can experience this when you venture out on the city streets in the evening. Roads are lined with small desi cafes, Khokay or Dhabas (cabins) serving delicacies including Chicken Tikka, Mutton Nihari , Tandoored fish or an array of grilled kebabs and all busy serving customers, seated on wooden benches, or “char-pais” (loungers), straight from the kitchen with different breads such as Tandoori Roti, Naan or Kulchas. All washed down with a delicious cool Lassi.
At Khanage we cannot promise the “hustle or bustle” of

So say Ta Ta to Tooting and hello to Wimbledon for AUTHENTIC LAHORI TANDOOR COOKING

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