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Heaven in a brown paper bag!

There are over 250,000 possible ways to order a burger at Five Guys.

We use only fresh roll stamped prime beef and peanut oil.

There are no freezers in Five Guys locations, just coolers. Nothing is ever frozen.

Order your meal: https://www.fiveguys.co.uk/order/index/22

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  • HaydonWomble

    22-Jul-2015 Report

    Went along with my DCs who as teen and a tween were champing at the bit to try out the newest hipster fast-food hang-out in town (Wimbledon actually) this summer.

    The kids loved it (easily pleased and beguilded by its zeitgeist status) but I was totally underwhelmed by this soulless addition to The Broadway's many eateries. It has a look of an American Diner complete with the standard red and white tiling but there the similarities begin and end, to my mind.

    No menu displayed on the windows so one is literally at the counter before being able to peruse what's available, meaning one's rushed to order. The menu is very limited and IMHO too expensive for a 'snack lunch' (really the restaurant doesn't have the ambience to encorage a relaxed lunchtime meal!). Over £25 for three (and I didn't even have a drink!) is quite a lot to pay - over the odds.

    The food came in over large portions for those trying to keep one's calorie intake within healthy limits. I had a hamburger which came with double beef patties. I didn't see the 'Little' options (presumably aimed at families with younger children or where a parent might wish for something less gargantuan at lunchtime) which seemed to be tucked away on the end of the listed 'burgers' and still didn't really represent 'good value for money' (heck one could get a three course kids meal in a much nicer ambience for less elsewhere in Wimbledon/Wimbledon Village).

    Service was decidely slow considering we were virtually the only customers in the restaurant early lunchtime. Some free roasted peanuts as a snack filled the waiting void but made a bit of a mess on our table (oops!).

    Not entirely convinced by having to eat chips from a brown paper bag (they went cold very quickly) and we weren't given ketchup or mayo as a matter of course. The food sizes were really too large for all of us (even growing children) for midday eating. Some veggie (even coleslaw) side-orders would help. The milkshakes (@£4.50) looked awesome but could one even drink one with the amount of food given? Where were any desserts - would have expected some ice-cream sundaes or something!

    I guess it's maybe called Five Guys for a reason. To my mind it's a eaterie aimed at young men and teenage boys. Interestingly as luncthime trade increased it was mainly men coming thro' the doors. I can also see that it would appeal to younger teens maybe as a pre-film/show date venue.

    It isn't special and different enough from anything else to warrant a special visit. The drinks could be the American 'US(P)' of this diner but aren't unique enough to give the 'added value' that Five Guys so needs.

    I shan't be going back (although the staff were perfectly pleasant and the restaurant was spotlessly clean). No music either which is a real oversight!

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