HYPNOBIRTHING from Birth Confidence


Interested in hypnobirthing? Sandra Bush, Natal Hypnotherapy practitioner, teaches you self-hypnosis and other practical techniques to enable you to reduce fear and anxiety, keep calm and feel confident in your ability to give birth. Maggie Howell's book "Effective Birth Preparation" and a resource pack including four hypnosis downloads are included in the cost. This one-off, one day 'Natural Pain Relief' workshop prepares you for dealing with pain/sensation in labour but also teaches skills for life. Partners are shown how they can make a difference by understanding the process and also by trying out some very practical techniques.

Saturday workshops, September 24th, November 26th 2016

See my website also for dates in the months inbetween for the whole 2 day package, held in my home in Southfields.

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