Build A Bear Party


Celebrate any occasion with a Build-A-Bear Party!

Each Guest will choose from over 25 undressed furry friends priced £9-£20, stuff it just right and add personality with hundreds of outfits and accessories. They will also experience the memorable heart ceremony when they choose a heart, make a special wish and place it inside their stuffed animal to bring their new friendship to life. They create a personalised birth certificate and go home, hand-in-paw, with a new best friend in our exlcusive Cub Condo™ carrying case to begin their adventures together!

The pawfect birthday party has never been so easy and filled with furry fun! Select an undressed animal starting at only £9 per Guest and choose optional outfits and accessories (additional £1-£14) to personalise it even more! You only pay for the furry friends and fashions your Guests take home - no additional party fees!

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