Good birth company Eco birth pool


Inflatable 'ECO pool&quot; birth pool from The Good birth company.<br />Generous &quot;regular&quot; size (large enough for people 5'8&quot;+). Oval shape allows you to stretch your legs and move around in comfort, plus there's enough room for partner or midwife to get in too, they want to.<br /><br />Step seat for comfort /ease of getting in and out.<br />Sturdy handles around the edges.<br /><br />Fantastic for antenatal relaxation, when you feel as big as a whale and need to float the weight away... Highly recommended to aid natural birth and pain relief.<br /><br />Complete with pump, hose, cover, thermometer, instructions and accessories. Portable and simple to blow up, even by a stressed dad-to-be! ; - )<br /><br />Used only twice but wish I could have spent more time in the water! Definitely recommend it &amp; more flexible than hiring in a pool.<br /><br />Photos below from website - I'll photograph mine when I get it out of the box.. Please ask any questions!