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Milton Keynes

Keep your weight in check with LighterLife Fast!!!

It's a 5:2 Fasting plan made easy, with all the nutrition your body needs.

Fasting is where you eat significantly fewer Calories on two days per week and eat normally on
the other days.

Did you know that if you eat less than 600 Calories of conventional food it's nearly impossible to
get all the vitamins and minerals you need on your Fasting days?

Using LighterLife Foodpacks on your Fasting days ensures you get 100% of your daily
nutritional requirements, and all for around 600 Calories. It's convenient and easy to use so you
don't have to worry about shopping, cooking or Calorie counting.
Make every Calorie count and keep your weight in check with LighterLife Fast!

FREE initial consultation available without obligation.

Tel: 0800 2 988 988

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